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WTW Tag : Ask thy Characters

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 31, 2015, 8:12 AM
WTW| Light| Guardian| Havoc by TheMonsterChick WTW | Light | Esmeralda by TheMonsterChick  WTW | Dark | Council | Rhukhan by TheMonsterChick

((Warning its not finished and I got lazy....))

1. OC Name: Havoc, Esmeralda and Rhukhan

2. Fill in the questions/statements as if they were your OCs

3. Tag five people to do this meme!

Time for the Quiz~

1. What is your name?

- Havoc: That's not of your concern.

- Esmeralda: Esmeralda, but feel free to call me Emmie. :3

- Rhukhan: They call me Khan...

2. Do you know why you were named that?

- Havoc: I had a few..discrepancies growing up...

- Esmeralda: My eyes were once green... ;-;

- Rhukhan: Because they fear meee~

3. Are you single or taken?

- Havoc: Single... >//>

- Esmeralda: Sorry boys, I'll be taken! c:

- Rhukhan: Eh?

4. Any abilities or powers?

- Havoc: Oh! I have this gem on my helm that gives my  armor  the ability to summon magical blades (or even a shield) that I can defend the Light clan with!! ^-^

- Esmeralda: I can't tell you that yet my dear.

- Rhukhan: hhhh.... Powerrr hehehhhh...

5. What is your eye color?

- Havoc: Gold

- Esmeralda: They use to be green! ;n; Now they shine a starlit blue..

- Rhukhan: *heads look at each other* Bi-colored?

6. How about your hair color?

- Havoc: Gold? What does this have to do with anything?!

- Esmeralda: My mane is dark, black I suppose.

- Rhukhan: Eh?

7. Have you got any family members?

- Havoc: My mother and the King.

- Esmeralda: Does everyone count? ;-;

- Rhukhan: hhhhh *heads look at each other oddly* No...

8. How about pets?

- Havoc: Na, they would get in my way.

- Esmeralda: Sadly not yet.

- Rhukhan: Does a parasite count?

9. Do you have any hobbies/activities you like to do?

- Havoc: Protect the king! ((psst Havoc..that's you're job, not a hobby... Havoc: shut up! >-<))

- Esmeralda:

- Rhukhan:

10. Have you hurt anyone in anyway before?

- Havoc: If I did.. I didn't mean to... :|

- Esmeralda: I think I hurt Atland once... ;n;

- Rhukhan: Yess.....~

11. Ever.. killed anyone before?

- Havoc: Maybe... But it would be from Dark clan!

- Esmeralda: NO! ><

- Rhukhan: hhnhnhn Yesss...~

12. What kind of animal are you?

- Havoc: Hippocampus

- Esmeralda: I was a pegasus, but I was granted the gift  to live as an "other"

- Rhukhan: ....We don't know....

13. Name your worst habits?

- Havoc:

- Esmeralda:

- Rhukhan: ???

14. Do you look up to anyone at all?

- Havoc: Atland!

- Esmeralda: We always learn from those we meet.

- Rhukhan: hhh no?

15. Are you gay, straight or bisexual?

- Havoc: Umm....?!

- Esmeralda: *chuckles* I prefer stallions dear, but it was a nice effort.

- Rhukhan:   Straight....*doesn't really care* (( You liar.... ))

16. Do you go to school?

- Havoc: I did when I was in soldier training. :D

- Esmeralda: ??

- Rhukhan: We lived alone...

17. Ever want to get married and have kids?

- Havoc: Maybe... ;-;

- Esmeralda: Perhaps~

- Rhukhan: I don't care

18. Do you have any fangirls / fanboys?

- Havoc: >///> I might....

- Esmeralda: I wouldn't be surprised due to my rank but they must learn to appreciate someone for whats within, not what they look like.

- Rhukhan: :icondivaplz:

19. What are you most afraid of?

- Havoc: Failing my job, loosing the friends I've gained as a soldier, the king...

- Esmeralda: A lot of things...but don't worry ^-^

- Rhukhan: Nothing

20. What do you usually wear?

- Havoc: My armor? O_o

- Esmeralda: I cannot take off the roses within my chest..

- Rhukhan: Nothing

21. Whats one food that tempts you?

- Havoc: Eh?

- Esmeralda:
I don't know ;o;

- Rhukhan: hnn....meat

22. Am I annoying you?

- Havoc: Just a bit.. ^^;

- Esmeralda: I don't mean to be rude, but how long is this exactly?

- Rhukhan: Yes.

23. Well it's not over yet!

- Havoc: *rolls eyes*

- Esmeralda: Alright.

- Rhukhan: .......

24. What class are you? Low class? Middle class? High class?

- Havoc:

- Esmeralda:

- Rhukhan:

25. How many friends do you have?

- Havoc:

- Esmeralda:

- Rhukhan:

26. Any thoughts on pie?

- Havoc:

- Esmeralda:

- Rhukhan:

27. Favorite drink?

- Havoc:

- Esmeralda:

- Rhukhan:

28. What's your favorite place?

- Havoc:

- Esmeralda:

- Rhukhan:

29. Are you interested in anyone?

- Havoc:

- Esmeralda:

- Rhukhan:

30. If you're a girl, what's your cup size?

- Havoc:

- Esmeralda:

- Rhukhan:

31. Would you rather swim in an ocean or a lake?

- Havoc:

- Esmeralda:

- Rhukhan:

32. What's your type?

- Havoc:

- Esmeralda:

- Rhukhan:

33. Any fetishes?

- Havoc:

- Esmeralda:

- Rhukhan:

34. Seme or Uke?

- Havoc:

- Esmeralda:

- Rhukhan:

35. Camping or indoors?

- Havoc:

- Esmeralda:

- Rhukhan:

36. Are you still waiting for this quiz to end?

- Havoc:

- Esmeralda:

- Rhukhan:

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